Connecting rural and developing communities to design, technology and innovation resources, training and mentoring.

INSPIRE: Motivational Presentation


A 10-45 minute motivational presentation on the power of design thinking, exploring the tools, skills and mind set needed for people to unleash their creative potential, see themselves as creative thinkers and create change in their lives, workplace and communities. 

IGNITE: Introductory Workshop


Our fun 90 minute creative thinking workshop, features hands-on activities, challenges and instruction, walking you through the design thinking process, and teaching you how you can apply it to your business or organisation.... so you can improve your service, launch new products, explore new opportunities, meet your customer's needs better...and grow.

EVOLVE: Intensive Workshop


A 1-3 day workshop for small groups (20 people maximum) allows us to work alongside your team, walking you through the design thinking process whilst we dive deep into issues your organization is facing and develop creative solutions.

ENGAGE: Innovation Hubs


INNOVATION HUBS are our long term dream.  An exciting opportunity to really spark a communities imagination, creativity, innovation and create change. A space dedicated to communities to start building the creative culture required to foster innovation, encourage creative problem solving, launch new ventures and facilitate change.


Do you know of a group of students eager to create change? Our workshops introduces students or teachers to the design thinking and creative thinking process. Ideally suited to grades 8-10, our programs aim to build creative confidence within students and teachers and be fun, hands on and engaging (maximum group size 30).

Get in touch with us to discuss how we can inspire creativity, innovation and growth for you.

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