We work with businesses, communities, organisations and schools to inspire change. Through our design thinking workshops, motivational presentations and long-term partnerships we build the creative culture and confidence your team requires to change, grow and innovative.

We believe that design thinking can change the world.


  • Be impressive in everything we do

  • Make it happen, make it count, make it matter

  • People first. Be humble, respectful and compassionate

  • Be about simplicity and efficiency

  • Have fun and be yourself

  • Expect more from yourself than others do

  • Dream BIG, chase goals and celebrate milestones

  • Never forget the basics - honesty, integrity and commitment

  • Embrace change and uncertainty

  • Design with, not for

  • Don't lose sight of the small story.


Our team is led by Matt Bird, an Industrial Designer, with nearly 20 years experience in the design industry. After spending time living and working in Hong Kong, USA and Australia, Matt was driven to reclaim the beauty of the design process and make design BIG again. Matt is a firm believer that design thinking can change the world saying “We are all creative, people just need the encouragement and confidence to see themselves as creative thinkers. Just imagine what can happen if people started really getting creative about their lives and communities".

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